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the thing that I don’t say,


the thing that you don’t wanna hear

because it’s too true that hurts so bad….

I’m waiting for the right timing and that’s sounds even more scary. lol

My observation skill is reall a weapon.

"It’s not that they don’t understand it.
They just don’t like it.
It may not be that they don’t like it.
They definitely don’t know it.

So, they are worried and scared about the True Freedom.”

——Moon Phrase 4.27.014

if you’re the only child in your family…

if you’re the only child in the family, I’m likely not to be your friend… lol 

Because they grew up by getting what you want so easily. unless they lived with cousins or in a big family with other kids.

Some people ask me for help and I’ll give as much Help as possible,
once they’re done with what they need, regardless of how things go,
Never say Thank You or any update or nothing.
Just take whatever from me and be gone… 

Those ones are probably the ones who complain why people treat me like this and that, things are sucks, blah blah blah…

Good Luck.

The days I become
A Dancer
A Dance Fan….

JAMES BROWN (via breakfreshnyc)

The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.

the real plan :)

Sometimes, It makes sense to stay in unknown. 

Just like butterflies, 

staying low is necessary, 

for the growth.

When the darkness is washed off,
The Clear space is opened infinity…
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